A Unique Fashion Boutique Like No Other

Posted on January 25 2017

A Unique Fashion Boutique Like No Other

Welcome to Chunky Armadillo!

If you’re new to our little slice of boho heaven, then let us introduce you to our unique fashion boutique located at 726 North High Street in the Short North Arts District of Columbus, Ohio. We believe there’s something for everyone here in our shop and everything we curate breathes a spirit of free-flowing self expression and creative flair. That’s what we’re about and, if that’s you too, we need to meet you!

Urban Boho Clothing

We’ve taken the free spirit of boho to the next level with a mix of grunge, glam, and vintage love to create what we call Urban Boho. The clothing we carry is flowy and fabulous but has an attitude that speaks volumes about personal style, layered outfits, and eccentric inspirations.  From loose fitting tops and flowy shawls to knee high boots and cable knit scarves, the urban boho clothing at Chunky Armadillo is a mix of styles that we think is original, inspiring, and fun!

Gorgeous Jewelry and Wearable Art

No outfit is complete unless you’re rocking some beautiful jewelry. And don’t be shy about it either!  Anything less than four pieces of jewelry is amateur hour, girl, it’s time to step it up! We have a varied collection of jewelry styles that include leather fringe bib necklaces, feathery dream catcher earrings, and maddeningly fabulous gemstone wearable art from Adina Mills.  There’s so much inspiration out there that it’s impossible to grab it all but we do our best to keep a wide variety of beautiful pieces to inspire you and really make an outfit come together.

Unique Gifts, Clever Slogans, and Vintage Treasures

In addition to our style collections, Chunky proudly gathers an assortment of cool gifts and trinkets that have sass, class, and personality. No unique fashion boutique is complete without accessories for your home that compliment your style.  From throw pillows and coffee mugs to upcycled furniture and local handmade artwork, we’re at the crossroads of vintage and edgy modern. No one leaves here disappointed, believe us!  There’s some new treasure in here every time you visit and we plan to keep it that way.

Come find us in the Short North and see what all the fuss is about.
Chunky Armadillo is the coolest, most unique fashion boutique in Columbus and we want your energy and inspiration in here pronto!
See you soon!

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