Holiday Gifts for the Free Spirit in your Life

Posted on December 07 2016

Holiday Gifts for the Free Spirit in your Life

It’s the most wonderful time of year and here in the Short North Arts District of Columbus, we’re seeing waves of cheerful holiday shoppers!  It’s so uplifting to hear the Christmas music and see folks out shopping together, enjoying the holiday spirit. If you’ve been into Chunky Armadillo’s shop here on High Street or browsed us online, then you know we’re all about the free spirits and boho queens out there!  The rebels, the artists, the creative and the bold.  We want YOU to make a bold fashion statement this holiday season!

If you’re not the boho gypsy of the family but have one close to you, then there’s definitely nowhere better to shop for them than Chunky.  So, in the spirit of the gift-giving holidays, we thought we’d suggest a few incredible gifts for the free spirit in your life.


crochet fringe dress

Crochet Fringe Dress

Talk about a bangin' look, this flowy crochet fringe dress is everything a boho queen dreams of and, of course, it looks great on our Melanie!  It's a great look for just about anyone.

crochet boho top

Tie-Dye Crochet Top

We're big fans of crochet this season, obvi, but check out the beautiful mauve and maroon tones and that gorgeous, flowy fabric. Has a great tie-dye look to the fabric too. Really set her wardrobe on fire with this great holiday boho gift!




 leather fringe necklace  

Fringe Necklace


A simple, yet utterly bohemian jewelry gift item is this soft leather fringe bib necklace. It has all the right flair but simple enough to fit with any outfit.

texas trash necklace

Texas Trash Necklace

These one-of-a-kind necklaces are handmade from discarded junk found all over the Great State of Texas and have so much charm and personality to them! Each one is unique for a truly individual gift.



dream pillow

Dream Pillow

Let this soft, plush pillow be an inspiration to continue to look to the horizon and dream big things!  Super comfy and looks great on the couch or bed.

 airstream camper ornament

Airstream Camper Ornament

What says ramblin' gypsy better than this adorable little Airstream Camper Ornament?! We love it and got one for each of our team this holiday season. Great holiday gift for the free spirit in your life to hang from the tree and later set on the shelf!



If someone close to you has a flair for the dramatic fashions, let’s celebrate and encourage that creative expression together!  Sign up for the Chunky Armadillo mailing list for special discounts, offers, and updates on the latest treasures we unearth!

Happy Holidays and Stay Free, folks!

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