August 23, 2016 2 min read

Style is like a signature. It’s unique to you and it says something about the kind of person you are. The straight-laced guy in the three piece suit is a whole different character than the pierced barista with the funky platform boots.  Our message at Chunky Armadillo is that each person has a unique energy that should be reflected in what he or she wears on a daily basis. That’s how you communicate yourself to the world!

Chunky Armadillo's founder, Melanie Hutchins, recalls returning to Columbus last year to check out the fashion scene and seeing a wash of Ugg boots and sports hoodies. “Where was the flair and the unique style?” she wondered.  After poking around at some of the fashion boutiques and asking some questions, it seemed that the local scene just needed something new to shake things up.

Enter the Chunky Armadillo aesthetic in the Short North.  





The bohemian style is all about flowy fabrics, beaded jewelry, and a carefree sort of ramblin’ aesthetic that definitely throws back to the hippies and gypsies of the old days. It’s gotten really popular in recent years and it’s gorgeous!  But that whole gig doesn’t fully capture what Melanie and the Armadillo squad are all about.  She’s hoping to add an infusion of attitude and funk to that scene with what many refer to as an ‘urban boho’ style.

What is Urban Boho?

urban boho style short northImagine those hippies and gypsies growing up in the city and listening to hip hop and soul. That’s the general idea.  Less shiny, happy sunshine and more gritty, rugged street smarts. We think it’s possible to be carefree and full of love, but still carry yourself with some force.

“Be bold, girl, show the world what you’re bringing!” Melanie tells the girls that come into her shop to try on flowy long-sleeved tops and knee-high boots full of fringe.

Don’t decide which necklace works the best, wear them all!  Pair those jeans with a dress and toss a belt around it. Mix and match to get to something you’ve never seen or worn before.  

Be creative and try new things, dammit! 
That’s the idea. Spread the love!  

urban boho in columbus ohioShow people that fashion is alive and not some dead thing strutting down a runway. It lives and breathes, has a beat to it, reaches out to touch you.
If you’re into the urban boho aesthetic and want to sample some of the free-for-all jewelry and clothing that Melanie has curated for the Columbus scene-- which she is convinced is about to pop and come aliv!-- then come into the shop on High Street, across from Bakersfield, and see what inspires you.  You’ll find something that makes you laugh, or squeal, or come alive in some way and, when that happens, we know we’ve done something right.