December 14, 2016 2 min read

Cold weather and grey skies have come to central Ohio, which means it’s time to brighten things up with some delicious winter fashion trends!  We love the snow on the ground and the hot cocoa by the fireplace but the best part of each season is certainly the clothes and accessories and winter is no exception. Check out our take on the latest and greatest for the cold Ohio winter.

Winter Fashion Trends


As always, it’s boring to wear just one thing, isn’t it? While layers are big in the fall, they’re even more essential during the cold winter months when each layer is an added level of warmth and cozy comfort. We suggest a couple of layers over a basic undershirt so you can gradually take layers off when you get inside to the warmth.

Coats are the ultimate top layer, of course, but you can wear and knit cardigan or crochet shawl under it for extra warmth and a variety of colors and textures to your outfit. Whatever you do, try a variety of options and keep it fresh!


Hats & Scarves

This is the perfect season to try out some gorgeous knit scarves and a variety of cute hats. Our favorite is the Leather Closure Infinity Scarf because it’s so big and fluffy that it blocks the wind on your face and keeps your neck warms while looking unique and layered under your coat. Scarves come in a variety of styles and any of them are appropriate in the winter, but we advocate lots of thick knit wool because those textured layers provide so much nuance to your look.



Tis the season for gorgeous boots, ladies! Boots are not only practical when it’s icy and slick on the sidewalks but they look fabulous and provide an extra type of layering when you choose a high cut style that can go over your pant legs, providing added warmth. Look for boots with some fringe or buckles because those extra details are really what make an outfit pop.


It’s going to be cold out there, folks, so keep it bundled up when you’re out and about.  But when you step indoors and take off that coat, you better be rockin’ a bold, layered look that says something about who you are. Otherwise, you’ll get lost in all that grey!  

Enjoy the weather for what it is and keep it cool until Spring!